Can You Use Them Together Dermaroller and Minoxidil ?

What Is Derma Roller?

The derma roller is a device that helps to smooth out the skin and leave behind an even surface. It does this by applying adhesive to your skin, which then peels off later on. The most common use for it is with cellulite treatment – specifically when other forms of treatment have failed in removing visible bumps from the area where you place them…


If you are looking for a more efficient method of removing cellulite, then a derma roller could be worth a shot.


What Is Minoxidil?

You can get your hair back! Minoxidil is a topical solution that revives the inactive hair follicles, further stopping hair loss and encouraging regrowth. This product is clinically proven to grow up to 40% more thick and beautiful hair.

Minoxidil lotion is used to reverse hair loss. By stimulating dormant follicles, it promotes healthy, natural hair growth.


Using Minoxidil and Dermaroller together!

Monoxidil and dermaroller is an alternative treatment for hair loss that could dramatically improve your health and quality of hair. If you are suffering from life-threatening hair loss, choosing the right medication could be the difference between living and dying. You are not alone! Many people have found that using monoxidil and dermaroller helps alleviate their symptoms of hair loss.

The very effective way to use derma roller with a monoxidil is to first roll the dermaroller on the balding area, it will leaves tiny holes in your skin. This helps in better absorption of monoxidil through your skin.

Ideally, it is advised to use minoxidil after 20-30mins of dermarollers use. As when you use Dermaroller it open tiny holes on your scalp, sometimes using Minoxidil immediately after roller might cause irritation. This procedure should be followed according to your derma roller size. Although minoxidil can be used twice per day, try using your dermaroller a maximum of  twice a week size of 0.25 mm.


In conclusion

Monoxidil works well as an add on to dermarolling in the event that more hair is needed or if the dermaroller can’t stimulate growth of a sufficient amount of hairs.

A new study shows that combining oral minoxidil with dermarolling may be more effective than minoxidil alone for treating male pattern baldness.

At least if you’re interested in using minoxidil, make sure you follow the proper instruction.

This Best-Selling Hair Growth Minoxidil

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Rogaine Minoxidil Foam Men hair regrow Minoxidil 5% 6.33 Ounces
Rogaine Women's Minoxidil Foam Women’s Hair Regrowth Minoxidil 5%(without propellant) 0.13 Pounds

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