The Easiest Way to Clean Your Derma Roller

It is important to follow proper hygienic practices when using a derma roller because it is used on skin and there are many bacteria crawling around that could infect open wounds or cuts so the first step of cleaning is disinfecting with alcohol swabs for any germs left over after rolling before rinsing then applying an antibiotic cream . After this allow the area dry completely , if possible place Dermaroller into UV sterilizer overnight now rinse all product away under running water until no longer visible than pat down gently with paper towels followed by air drying will remove every last bit of fluid from inside tube also avoid sun exposure while healing.


Why is it necessary?

When you use dermaroller on your skin, it picks up dirt and bacteria from your skin surface. If you aren’t cleaning the derma roller properly after each use leads to bacterial growth. The bacteria from your derma roller come in contact with your skin on its next use, most likely causing an bacterial infection. This is why it is very necessary to clean and disinfect your derma roller before and after each use.


What you will need:

A container (pot)
Hot boil water


Sterilize the Derma Roller needle with boiling water!


• Take a pot and put sufficient water in it. Bring water to a full rolling boil.

• Put the derma roller into the pot and make sure derma roller properly dip in the water.

Boiling water is going to clean the needle fully.
• Leave derma roller to soak until clean (5-10 minutes should be long enough).

• Wearing latex gloves or clean hands, remove sterilize derma roller from the pot.

• Once the derma roller gets dry, put it back into its storage case.

It’s recommended with derma roller to change the roller once every six weeks. It’s because the roller needles is going to get a little bit more blunt over a time.

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