Derma Roller for stretch marks

A darma roller is a tool covered of many tiny needles which, when rolled against your skin creates micro-tears. For the body to heal this wounds it induces collagen and elastin production. If you don’t know, collagen is the most abundant protein found in the human body that keeps skin healthy and smooth while also helping remove wrinkles or fine lines.

This  protein collagen is very important to keep you looking young and gorgeous. At age 20 the skin starts to experience a natural degradation of collagen, a connective tissue that holds our skin together. This process continues until 25% of our collagen is lost at the age of 70.

Stretch Marks, which are caused by sudden and swift widening of the epidermis, is a common problem that millions of people around the world struggle with. The skin thins out during pregnancy and become more elastic and stretch marks will happen. And also can happen in the hips and leg region with rapid weight gain. This can happen any time of skin infection as well.

 Benefits of Derma-Rolling Stretch Marks

  •     Enhances texture of skin
  •     Increases the blood circulation
  •     Stimulates collagen production
  •     Can help reduce scars and hyperpigmentation

At-home treatment Dermaroller size 1.5mm is ONLY for the body, this size can’t be used for the face !!!. You can use this once every 3 to 4 weeks. This will help the dermal layers of the skin increase in thickness and gradually fade away the stretch marks, replacing them with healthy, smooth skin.

Here's Our Best stretch mark Derma Roller

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Region Needle Size Made From Package DIM
WITTY Derma Roller for face skincare Kit Hair, Stretch Marks 0.3mm Titanium Microneedle 7.2 x 4.9 x 2.3 inches; 7.2 Ounces
Prosper Beauty Derma Roller Kit Face, stretch mark & body 0.25mm Titanium Microneedle 1.97 x 3.74 x 6.5 inches; 9.88 Ounces
KEAPURE Derma Roller Kit Face, body, stretch marks 0.3mm Hygienic stainless steel 13.15 x 11.26 x 1.85 inches; 1.1 Pounds
ZUSTBEAUTY Derma Roller Kit Face, Hair, Beard, Body, Stomach 0.3mm Titanium Microneedle 9.96 x 3.82 x 2.68 inches; 7.76 Ounces
Kitsch Derma Roller Face, scar, stretch mark 0.25mm surgical steel premium 3 x 7.25 x 1 inches; 2.47 Ounces

Kitsch Derma Roller

Kitsch Derma Roller includes a beautiful and protective storage case. It comes with 0.25mm surgical steel premium grade quality microneedles. The surgical steel  is sharper and more sterile than titanium.


This derma roller will deliver a free E-Book After your purchase, which will help ensure you enjoy all of the benefits of your Derma Rolle. This work best for scar, Stretch marks & body.

KEAPURE Derma Roller Kit

KEAPURE Derma Roller Kit comes with 3 roller heads, vitamin C & hyaluronic acid serum and spa headband. Vitamin C for face is an antioxidant serum combined with Ferulic Acid and Jojoba Oil reduces wrinkles, fine lines, acne scar.

The size of derma roller is 0.3mm. 3 roller heads comes with different no. of needles :

The size of derma roller is 0.3mm. 3 roller heads comes with different no. of needles :

180 needles for eyes & nose

600 needles for face & neck

1200 needles for body & legs

The needles are made of stainless steel which is perfect for Body, Stretch Marks.


WITTY Derma Roller Skincare Kit

WITTY Derma Roller contains 540 long-lasting titanium needles. This derma roller kit comes with two handy E-BOOKS and FULL INSTRUCTIONS how to use and clean face needle roller correctly and more tip.


The derma roller needle size is 0.3mm which is perfect for home user. It also comes with  botanical serum which contains pure fruit extracts, ferulic acid, hyaluronic acid and more highly effective ingredients.

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